Jazz Case History

10 year old German Shepherd, suspected Degenerative Myelopathy, generative lumbosacral joints with trapped nerve and arthritis of both wrists.

Jazz is a beautiful 10 year old German Shepherd who Sharon had the pleasure of working with.

Jazz initially presented with weakness of her hind limbs and would collapse on certain moves. Initial Specialist investigations found that Jazz carried the mutant gene for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and felt that Jazz’s current symptoms were due to having this disorder. Jazz also showed signs of having arthritis in both front wrists which had caused her to excessively lick her wrists causing staining of the fur over time.

Jazz’s owner sought the help of a canine physiotherapist to support Jazz with her difficulties as the diagnosis of DM as being the primary cause of Jazz’s symptoms remained in question because a previous scan also showed degeneration of the lumbosacral bones and a trapped nerve in her spine.
Due to Jazz’s age, her owner was hesitant to put Jazz through the long journey of surgery and rehab required to rectify the trapped nerve and chose to try and manage Jazz’s symptoms with physio and acupressure. Also Jazz’s owner was faced was the suspicion that Jazz may still develop the disease DM?

While carrying out her assessment on Jazz, Sharon was able to identify the key areas Jazz was needing support on an energetics level, including the areas which confirmed Jazz had lumbosacral issues. Sharon worked on the various acupoints required to support Jazz’s hips and lower back, her bones in general, points which are known to be immunostimulants and points to aid liver function due to the various medications Jazz had needed over the months, as well as points to support Jazz with her kidney function which naturally reduces as an animal ages.

Prior to the session Jazz was panting excessively which was an indication of pain and discomfort. However, by the end of the session Jazz was able to relax and stretch out on the sofa in comfort, and stopped panting.
Sharon warned Jazz’s owner that sometimes over the next 24-48hrs Jazz may show increased stiffness and discomfort which can occur but that it was nothing to be alarmed about. Jazz’s owner reported that Jazz sleeps well after sessions, and yes she was more symptomatic the next day but after 48hrs was able to go out with her Mum for some lovely walks in the sun with reduced symptoms.

Sharon saw Jazz for 3 weeks supporting the valuable work Jazz’s physiotherapist was carrying out, and Jazz’s owner continued to carry out physio exercises herself to ensure Jazz gets the ultimate support.
Jazz for a while was managing to achieve a good quality of life and able to continue her valuable work as a PAT dog as well as being a very much loved companion dog.

Further down the line after investigations from a top neurologist it was confirmed that Jazz did have Degenerative Myelopathy which has no cure or treatment and sadly will cause Jazz to deteriorate slowly. Jazz continues to enjoy life with the most love any owner can ever give. She now has a new set of wheels so she can still continue with her walks . Jazz is a beautiful girl with such a loving and devoted owner. There is the avoidable and difficult journey ahead for them but for now they are adapting to any changes, ensuring Jazz remains pain free and making every day count by living in the now.