The intention of the WEBB work is to invite healthy movement and energies throughout your pet’s being on all levels – Physical, mental and emotional. An assessment is carried out looking for pain, tension, healthy movement and energy flow by way of palpation, as well as checking each vertebrae of the spine for healthy movement which allows us to identify areas where tension / trauma has built up either over time or due to trauma no matter how small or how young the animal may be.
After the assessment Bodywork is commenced but always through an open, kind and respectful connection and communication with the animal that is having WEBB session. The hands-on- skills used to free up areas are pulsing, somatic relaxation work and physical releases/mobilisation of the spine, fascia, soft tissues and core body structures.
The Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) for Pets method used is guided by the individual animal we are working with. BY listening intently to the animal with all of our senses and responding to their communications we are able to adapt our hands-on-connection to work with what the animal or their body shows us needs more urgent attention. Dogs are wonderful for letting us know where hurts, just as working so intuitively and sensitively with the animal we are able to assist those with deep hidden emotional pain, to free ad release it feeling safe.

See this link courtesy of K9-massage guild.

See You tube video of Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc(Honsll) founder of WEBB For Pets demonstrating the effectiveness of one of the WEBB techniques for an overly anxious dog:

At the end of any session I write up my findings and work I carried out so that if needed these can be forwarded to any Vet, Specialist, Physio, Hydrotherapist, or other professional who is also working with your pet so that we can all work together as a team for the better outcome of your animal.