Dogs and cats when they get older can be very stoic when they have pain. Some even continue to bound around like puppies – mine certainly did. It’s very hard as loving owners to know when our pets are in pain. Photobiomodulation therapy can be extremely beneficial for humans and animals for a fast selection of ailments or injuries.

One Spirit Complementary Animal Therapies are excited to be able to also offer Photobiomodulation therapy. When a full assessment is carried out, the session will consist of what the animal needs at that moment in time. There is no additional fee. If during a session it appears the animal would benefit from PBM, that would be explained at the time and included during the session. As has often happened, if the pet’s owner wishes to sample the PBM or has their own issues we are open to discuss options.

Our lights have easily helped an equal numbers of humans as they have pets.

What is Photobiomodulation Therapy

Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM) is also referred to as low level light laser therapy (LLLT), or Low-power laser therapy (LPLT). Not to be confused with the laser therapies that are used for types of surgery, other areas of medicine. In contrast, PBM lights have a red and near – infrared energy frequency which cannot be seen by the naked eyes however they are still able to affect our bodies and tissues on the cellular level in a beneficial way to promote healing.

The main differences between the red and near – infrared lights and laser therapies are that the laser therapies can penetrate  much deeper through the layers of the skin to reach the underlying structures. Laser therapies can offer significant benefits to numerous issues but extensive training and great care needs to be had when using them to prevent any damage to healthy surrounding tissues.

The PBM lights are on a different wavelength, are much safer to use and do not pose any risk of damage to healthy or surrounding skin. Interest in the healing benefits of Photobiomodulation has grown over the years since it was first discovered my mistake in 1967 by Endre Mester while he was trying to repeat an experiment (https://

Numerous scientific studies have been carried out and the list of benefits of PBM continues to grow. Explaining the beneficial effects of PBM can be complex and quite scientific. It all comes down to changes at the cellular level. Studies have found that cells within any body due to various environmental, physiological triggers undergo a form of stress called Oxidative stress. It is this oxidative stress which is found to be the primary  cause of most inflammatory or degenerative conditions and diseases. However when red and near-infrared light is placed on an area, changes occur at the cellular level which helps promote tissue repair, reduces inflammation and induces analgesia.

With this understanding Photobiomodulation therapy has for a long time  been used in areas of sport rehab, muscular / skeletal injuries and even with training. Prior lights were used to treat Seasonal affective Disorder. Within the Equine industry, PBM has cut the time of complex wounds considerably as well as promote recovery from muscular injuries. In human medicine  PBM  is used to support treating complex  leg ulcers and wounds, also even  found to be effective with managing myofascial pain.

Amazon sells many different style and shapes of ‘PBM’ lights, but be aware that many do not have the correct wavelength for the benefit to be achieved.