WOULD YOU know if your pet is suffering from silent pain?
53% of dogs when assessed were found to have pain which their owners were not aware of.

Australian holistic Vet Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, became aware of several vitally impotent systems within the body :- the spine, the cranio sacral system, the Parasympathetic & Sympathetic nervous system and the Neuro- fascia network (which this knowledge is now expanding fast in many areas of human health & rehab). The foundation’s of Dr. Bassingthwaighte’s Whole Energy Body Balance (or WEBB for pets) is to assess for any lack of healthy movement of all of the body’s structures. These can be bone, joints, muscular and especially the fascia (the myriad layers of connective tissues which holds everything in place in both humans and animals).

Through inviting and supporting healthy movement throughout the body and it’s tissues, we also encourage the healthy movement of energy as well. This energy can be from a simple trauma / accident, physiological issues arising from genetics, or even emotional / psychological traumas – either of these can often get held trapped within the fascia network. Once trapped within the body and fascia network these traumas over time can lead to further or secondary issues elsewhere within the body, with an organ function or represent as behavioural issues.

See links on this website which explains in more about the fascia network & its vital role in the humans as well as the animals bodies for further insight.

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